At Deimler Chiropractic, patients will experience quality chiropractic care with each patient receiving personalized treatment to best treat the patient's concerns. Dr. Koch has handed down his knowledge over the last 30 years of practice to help create a powerful blend of  decade proven treatments with the most up to date techniques. Dr. Deimler has been trained in the following techniques and may use a mixture of several through treatment. 

Manual Adjusting

Trained in diversified, and Gonstead techniques to get your joints moving again. 

Flexion Distraction

Hands on methods to open up the joint spaces of your spine. Get the effects of manual adjusting without the "pop". 

Activator Technique

A proven protocol to assess the location of joint dysfunction. Gentle adjustments using a small hand held instrument backed up by decades of research. 

Rehabilitation Training

No matter the stage of recovery you are in we have progressive exercises to help hold adjustments, strengthen postural muscles, and loosen tight connective tissue.

Ultrasound/ Electric Stimulation

Modalities to aid in the rehabilitation process allowing you to heal quickly and more efficiently.


Kinesiology Tapping

FAKTR trained to apply kinesio tape to most any body region. Aiding in sprains or strains and muscle re-education.

Active Release Technique

A very effective technique used to stretch tight muscles.

Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue

When manual muscle work is not enough. 

Nutritional Guidance

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat.